Lips – sensual and yet natural

Who does not dream of flawless lips. You get back your lip contour, which is lost piece by piece with age. First we draw your lips in a perfectly matching shade. Irregularities are already evened out. The color palette ranges from natural lip color to trend color. Then we pigment a delicate lip outline and finish the pigmentation with a lip shade. Do you want it natural or as a lipstick replacement, everything is possible.

With LONG-TIME-LINER® lip pigmentation, your lips will appear visually larger. When the treatment is finished, you will have a perfect and natural lip shape. Lips always beautiful, whether after a meal, during sports or after a stormy kiss!


Subtle contour and base shading 595,00 €
Contour and full shading, as well as small lip enhancement 795,00 €
Liplight the little icing on the cake 180,00 €


Post treatment 1 year 265,00 €
Post treatment 2 year 399,00 €
Post treatment 3 year                                                                 499,00 €
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