Eyebrows – always perfectly shaped

Conture® Make-Up

Eyebrows are the frame for your eyes. They give structure to the face. Perfect eyebrows always make you look well-groomed and awake. But eyebrows can also grow unevenly or be very sparse – usually a result of many years of plucking. In this case, Conture® Make-Up is the ideal solution for you. The finer and more precisely the hairs are pigmented, the more beautiful and natural the permanent make-up will look. As a certified Elite Linergist, I have mastered the procedure for 15 years and will work with you to select a shape and color to give your eyes a visual lift and make them shine again.


MICROSHADING is the new trend technique in permanent make-up for absolutely natural looking, perfectly defined eyebrows.

After Ombré Eyebrows for the powdered effect, Microshading is THE new trend in permanent make-up: eyebrows that look full, absolutely natural and a bit powdered. LONG-TIME-LINER® professional linergists have developed an ultra-gentle micropigmentation technique that is as gentle on the skin as possible to fulfill the desire for a full, super natural-looking and naturally defined microshading eyebrow.

MICROSHADING combines ultra-fine hairs and delicate shading. By varying the intensity of the hairs and shading, as well as soft contours, a super natural look is achieved. The result? Full, perfectly defined and absolutely natural-looking eyebrows.

Ombré Eyebrows

Currently in trend: the perfect eyebrows. Especially the so-called “Ombré
eyebrows” are in demand. But what is that exactly? And how does the treatment with
permanent make-up? Melanie Beck answers the most important questions about it.

“We also rely on the ombré look for eyebrows, as the slight color gradient as well as the airier shading in the front, upper area conjures up a particularly soft, natural look. The eyebrows appear powdered due to the special shading technique. The intensity of the ombré effect can, of course, be worked out sometimes more intense and sometimes a little lighter – depending on what the customer wants.”

What does the treatment cost?
the treatment costs 499Euro. This price includes a follow-up treatment within the first three months after the pigmentation.

With whom the treatment can not be performed?
“Basically, we only pigment girls who are already over 18 years old. Pregnant women should wait with the pigmentation until after the birth.”

Which customer benefits from it in particular?
“Every client can really benefit from Ombré Eyebrows, as the result looks very natural and beautifully thickens your own brows. The technique is great for clients who want a natural look that emphasizes the eyebrows in the best way possible.” Where some of the eyebrow is still visible.

On a scale of 1 – 10, how painful is the treatment?
“That’s hard to say, because the sensation of pain is quite different depending on the client. Basically, eyebrow pigmentation is the treatment that is the least painful. Therefore, if I have to give a number, I would say between 2 and 3.”

How long do the ombré eyebrows last?
“There are many factors at play that affect the durability of the pigmentation, such as the client’s skin condition as well as behavioral factors (sun exposure, etc.). If we have to make a general statement, we give 1-3 years. Pigmentation should be refreshed regularly for optimal results – we recommend annual refreshing.”


Hair drawing (Light accentuation of the existing shape) 499,00 €
Microshading (Latest Trend) 499,00 €
Hairs drawing  (Adjustment and work out of shape) 550,00 €
Ombré Eyebrows 499,00 €


Post Treatment 1 Year                                                                        175,00 €
Post Treatment 2 Year 299,00 €
Post Treatment 3 Year 399,00 €
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