Frequently asked questions

As a make-up artist / color and style consultant, I will suggest the best shape for you.
It should please you and also me, because they see themselves in the mirror every day. We try to achieve an optical lift through the optimal shape.
Type appropriate, perfect pre-drawing with before and after picture, it is the basis for a perfect result. Then the type-appropriate color selection, and you’re ready to go.
The perfect pre-drawing serves as a pigmentation template, so that the customer can also be sure that it will be as we have discussed and pre-drawn.

If you have had it before, no matter how long ago, the herpes can come.
My long experience says about 3-4 days after the treatment it blossoms. Talk to me about prevention.

Basically yes, you should wait 4 weeks for the shape and fullness to settle and the lip to regenerate. Please always tell us beforehand.

To this end, LONG-TIME-LINER® has been continuously developing and improving the pigmentation technique for over 25 years since the company was founded. Both the micropigmentation equipment and the colors are developed by LONG-TIME-LINER® itself and produced in Munich.

Our colors consist of inorganic pigments such as iron oxides, titanium dioxide, kaolin and carbon black, as well as the organic pigments Pigment Red 202, 254 and Pigment Orange 73.

The sensation of pain is very individual and varies from customer to customer. Due to our special tensioning technique, the needle penetrates the epidermis very gently. Sometimes you only feel a slight scratching sensation. By the second appointment, the skin has already adjusted to this and no longer reacts so sensitively. If desired, we may use local anesthetic cream in our permanent makeup practice. Then the pain, if any, is almost eliminated. We use a Lidocaine/Tetracaine mixture from the pharmacy that has been specially prepared for us. This local anesthetic completely eliminates the pain. You can simply relax.

Eyebrows 1 hour
Upper eyelid approx. 45 min
Lower eyelid approx. 45 min
Lips approx. 1 hour
Rework approx. 1 hour each
Consultation appointment 15-20 min.

Permanent make-up is not a tattoo. It is a color pigmentation of the top layer of the skin. Therefore, depending on the skin condition, age and preferences of the customer (stay in the sun, etc.), it lasts about 1 to 3 years. Therefore, we recommend annual refreshment. This will ensure that your fine permanent make-up always looks the same. The prices for a refresher can be found in the price list.

Surely you can get a permanent makeup cheaper elsewhere. But not necessarily better. The price is not only determined by the training and professionalism of the linergist, the equipment used and the colors used. It is also calculated according to the effort involved. A precise preliminary drawing that exactly matches your face and style takes time. This cannot be done quickly for a small amount of money. For your personal permanent makeup, I study your individual features and pre-draw very carefully. You will be amazed at how good you can look! Only now, when you are thrilled with the precise pre-drawing, do I start the actual pigmenting. This care and precision will result in your perfect permanent makeup! The result is worth it to you, for sure!

It may happen that the color does not hold optimally after the 1st work. Sometimes a lot of color is lost during the healing process. This can have various reasons. For example, taking medication. Please do not take aspirin or blood thinning medications 24 hours before pigmentation. We also recommend that you refrain from drinking alcohol the night before. Visits to tanning beds shortly before pigmentation are also not beneficial. It is also not recommended to have permanent makeup done during your period. In this case, the color will not last very well either. After the 2nd pigmentation appointment, the color is well incorporated – as long as you have followed our detailed “care instructions”. We will give you these after the treatment.

After eyebrow pigmentation and also after lash line thickening, you can even go out the same day. This is not a problem at all. Only the lips swell a little, because the skin here is much finer. Usually, the swelling goes down completely by the next day. Before the pigmentation, put 1-2 cooling pads in the refrigerator, which you put on at home after the treatment.

Both the micropigmentation equipment and the colors I work with are developed and produced in Germany. The color pigments consist partly of inorganic (iron oxides, carbon black, manganese violet and titanium dioxides) and organic pigments. All colors are of food quality. Upon request, I will give you a list of the ingredients of the color we have chosen together for your permanent makeup. Of course, if you have allergies, I will be happy to do an allergy test in advance upon presentation of your allergy card. You will understand that we charge a fee of 50.00 Euros for this special service. Just contact me!

All colors that I use for pigmenting with the machine have been produced in Germany. These colors are subject to strict medical controls. They are regularly dermatologically tested (on humans!) and certified by dermatologists and allergologists. Thereby the colors of Purebeau regularly cut off with “very good”.

If you want a completely natural eyelid line, choose the eyelash line thickening, which will make your eyelashes appear thicker and more lush. This will give your eyes more expression. Very styled women who draw their own expressive eyeliner every day are more likely to opt for the decorative eyeliner.

Especially in the case of drooping eyelids, an expressive upper eyelid line can virtually conjure away drooping eyelids and make your eyes sparkle. We first pigment lip wrinkles and then, if desired, skilfully pad them with hyaluronic acid. You will be amazed at how beautiful it will be!

Further questions?

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